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We know that the house moving process can become a stressful experience for our customers. That’s why we put so much time and effort into making it as easy as possible, thanks to our trained, efficient staff.

By using George Bird Removals to help with your move, you are making a choice to take away the stress and hard work involved in moving your belongings. Our trained teams can come to your home, pack everything up for you, move it to your new home and then unpack everything again for you at the other end if you wish.

But even with a full removal team doing the packing, there are a few things that you can do to make the process easier for yourself.


Now is as good a time as ever to take a look round and see if there’s anything you don’t need. Why pay someone to move something you never use? Be ruthless and get rid of clothes, furniture and anything else that you haven’t used for over a year. If you have time, try selling them – if not, then take them to charity shops or try to recycle them in some other way.

Set aside a moving day box

Think about what items you will need to be easily accessible on moving day and set them aside in a separate box or boxes to travel with you in your vehicle. Examples of items that you might need are any papers or documents relating to the move, the kettle and some tea bags, any medicines or special food for children. Basically, the box should contain anything that you might need to get your hands on quickly during moving day.

Clear labelling

Label each box with which room it should go into in the new home. When you arrive at the new house, stick the corresponding label on each room. This will help our teams know where to put the boxes and avoid any mix-ups.

Things to do

Because George Bird Removals know how hard it is to remember all the jobs you have to do when you move, we provide a checklist to help you stay on track.

First things first

Sort out your possessions and get rid of anything you no longer need, either by recycling, selling or throwing it away, which will reduce the volume that needs to be moved and save you money! When you know what you are bringing with you, make an inventory of the main items. This will take some time and you should be thorough.

A month to go!

Choose a moving company and book a firm date for the move. You may find that it will cost less if you move on a midweek day or before a certain time of day, so you need plenty of time to discuss options with the movers.

Two weeks

If you take prescription medicines, make sure you check your supplies at this point, in case you need to order more. Also, if you need repair or cleaning services you should book them now, because if you leave it too late, your chosen company may be too busy to do your job.

The final week

Seven days before the move, you should pack everything that you aren’t using. Your stress levels will be a lot better once you know that the packing is virtually complete. Collect all your important papers together and keep them in an accessible folder, in case you need any of them.

Nearly there!

The day before the move, collect the keys to the new house and pack a box of bedding for use on your first night there. On moving day, stay at the house until the movers finish, then read your meters, turn off the utilities and lock all your doors and windows.
If you start early, write your checklist and consult it often, your move will go much more smoothly.

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