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George Bird Moving Checklist

We’ve been helping our customers to move their cherished belongings long enough to understand how stressful moving home can become. The strain of trying to locate a trustworthy, competitively priced moving company together with the many administrative tasks you need to perform can leave your mind in a muddle. Then there is always the nagging doubt that you have forgotten something crucial.

We recommend that you make life easier for yourself by using the George Bird Removals Moving Checklist – you’ll be amazed at how much this simple list can help to alleviate pressure and provide clarity. Follow the guide below to make your move that little bit easier as you prepare to settle into your new property.
6 weeks before your move date

  • Draw up a list of your main possessions.
  • Look at selling or giving to charity any unwanted possessions. Moving companies charge you by the volume of goods to move so don’t move unwanted goods.
  • If you are moving home because of business, often employers will contribute to moving costs. Discuss with your employer if they would be willing to help out.

4 weeks before your moving date

  • Schedule a firm moving date. Moving companies will often require a firm date to work to, especially in busy periods.
  • Choose a removals or moving company. Remember many moving companies will charge a premium for weekends, bankholidays and in the peak summer months.
  • Look into cleaning, storage or handyman services. Many moving companies have relationships with such companies and can often give you preferential rates, so don’t be afraid to ask.

2 weeks before your moving date

  • Make sure you have enough prescriptions to cover the period of the move, if you take medication.
  • Dispose of any flammable substances, as most removals companies will not transport them.
  • Book any handyman or cleaning service you might require. Remember during busy periods your choice of company might be limited so place your order as early as possible.

1 week before your moving date

  • Put all your vital documents into a folder so that they are in one place and easily accessible.
  • Complete your packing – Your move will be a lot less stressful if you have completed your packing well in advance.

The day before your big move

  • Refer to your moving checklist one last time.
  • Remove bed linen.
  • Keep linens in a box that travels with you, so you can use them the first night.
  • Make sure the bedding is easily accessible so you can make beds as soon as you arrive at your new home – moving house can be a long day and spending your first night on a bed without bedding does  not make for the best start.
  • Make arrangements to collect your new keys, if you haven’t already.

Moving day

  • Make sure you take meter readings for all utilities (gas, electricity, water).
  • Be present until the movers have finished loading the vehicle.
  • Make one final sweep of your old home to ensure nothing has been left behind.
  • Check traffic for your drive, using a service like AA Roadwatch.
  • Shut all windows and make sure your utilities are turned off.

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